Toronto Cycling Collective is a multi-faceted cycling organization, with an emphasis on safety, that aims to increase cycling participation through its in-class & unique kinesthetic approach to Education, Networking, & Group Rides.  Whether it is on or off  the bike, we are here to get you started on the right path.

The Process:

We help you qualify your members through our needs assessment survey.  We then customize a plan of action for each group of riders within the team to address their concerns and help educate them on the items they want to know.

·      Training for a wide spectrum of riders from new to experienced riders wanting to take cycling to the next level.

·       Helping you relearn and refine both your handling abilities and riding-in-traffic habits.  Gain confidence in your roadworthy skills, know your limitations and ultimately achieve a level of competency where basic skills become second nature. 

·       Provide expertise on how to ride in a group; how to set training goals, proper nutrition, selecting the right equipment & performing basic roadside maintenance.

·      Ultimately we help you develop a level of competency so you’ll feel safe, knowledgeable and confident in handling the elements, traffic and any unexpected challenges you might face on the road.

·      We differentiate our programing by our approach.  Our pro-active system teaches cyclists to always be aware of their surroundings limiting exposure and vulnerability.  It starts with honing basic motor skills and making them second nature.  Once mastered, our methodology empowers the rider with a self checklist for all unpredictable situations and helps them steer clear eliminating the need for quick reaction times. 

Choosing a plan of action ahead of time can often save oneself from a predicament.  This is how we help cyclists be safe on the roads and in traffic.