I had the pleasure of participating in a TCC clinic as part of my company's initiative.  I have been using my bike to commute thinking I pretty much knew it all.  Although the safe practices are all the same, Dan showed us new ways to build my confidence and competence riding in traffic, and with other cyclists.  Dan's ability to organize dozens of people and then take the time to lend his experience and wisdom to new riders is amazing. His positive attitude is truly motivating and I've heard him say, "Keep going, Lisa, you can do it!" so often that I'm actually starting to believe him.


As a novice rider, I was intimidated at first, not sure on how I would feel about taking the group ride clinic.  Daniel and his team supported and coached each of us through the session,  demonstrating their commitment and their love for the sport. To Dan who coached and motivated me on my first ride, my thanks and appreciation. I will be a better rider thanks to you.


The clinics are great!  I have been riding on my own for over 20 years, thinking that I had sketchy situations that it was just my luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Daniel's approach is simple but effective, defining what it really means to be safe on the road.  Highly recommend TCC to cyclists at any level.


Our company hired Toronto Cycling Collective to get our RTCC team more cohesive and ride as a group on the ride.  What a difference the group riding clinic has made!  Dan goes to great lengths to make everyone feel welcome and included, and is right there giving out technique tips and instructions to help us ride better - especially up those slow grinder hills! We have wide variety of riders from really super-fast amazing men and women, to moderately fast folks.  We all managed to ride together for the majority of the ride.  Thanks TCC for getting us to ride like the pros!