TCC Values

Providing customizable clinics for cycling groups/clubs/corporate teams with an emphasis on safety.  We aim to increase cycling participation through a unique kinesthetic approach to education.

Due Diligence:

Cycling is the new golf. Ensure riders in your Team/Club are up to date on safe cycling practices increasing the fun factor while lowering the risk of accidents. Our in class & on road topics include: etiquette relative to the HTA, basic to intermediate bike handling & group riding skills/etiquette, basic bicycle maintenance.

Risk Management Plan:

Cycling can be a dangerous activity. The TCC will help develop a Risk Management Plan to document how your Team/Club rides are to be managed to reduce risks associated with cycling activities.  These policies are to be practiced by Team/Club members, and any permitted visiting riders as permitted by your team/club. All members, and any permitted visiting riders, share the responsibility for making Team/Club rides as safe as possible.

Reduced Liability:

Safe cycling practices coupled with a Risk Management Plan reduce corporate and personal liability by keeping group training rides safe.  Both are mandatory requirements for insurance qualification.

Our goal is to empower cyclists with the knowledge to enjoy the sport.