Toronto Cycling Collective was founded to educate cyclists on how to cycle safely in urban settings so that they can participate in group rides, charity events, and take their training to the next level with confidence. We cater to the recreational to intermediate level cyclist looking to hone their cycling skillsets. Sign up today to learn about how to safely navigate through the city, select routes, find groups to ride with, and everything else the new cyclist needs to get started so that he/she can reap the benefits of cycling.

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned rider looking to train effectively, TCC sessions are sure to challenge and inspire developing paths towards long-term safe and enjoyable time on the bicycle.


Daniel Yang - Founder

Daniel has a deep respect, understanding and passion for the sport of cycling.  He started mountain biking 1988 when he got his first mountain bike and since then he has stayed immersed in cycling, working at bike shops, fitting clients the the right bike and gear for their needs.  In 2007 he founded the Beaches Cycling Club.  His proactive approach to safety helps to maintain an incident free record.  His hard work and pay-it-forward philosophy inspire others to achieve their goals and appreciate the progressive nature of the sport.


Timothy Ormond - Partner

Tim started riding road bikes on Ontario highways in 1987 when he bought his first Bianchi. Since then, Tim has gained extensive experience and has ridden all over southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. He has also raced in criterium events and participated in charity rides. Lately he has been working on ultra-long-distance rides with Randonneurs Ontario. In 2014 he was voted that club's Rookie of the Year. In the 2018 season he completed two 600km rides. Tim's blog about his long-distance riding adventures is located here:  https://randonneuringdiary.wordpress.com


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